• The introduction of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology in Bulgarian conditions is not just a theory.
    RFID technology is gradually but surely making its way in the production, distribution and marketing. Pioneers in its implementation are major commodity producers, logistics centers, warehouses and distributors. They are followed immediately by the retail chains. The end result is improved organization, speed and efficiency of the processes in the chain production-supply-commerce.
    The wide variety of identifiers and equipment, supported by flexible software solutions, enables the successful implementation of these high-tech solutions in a number of fields: control and inventory taking of material assets, access control, security of goods, production automation, tracking batches and many others.
    Our abilities for implementation of this innovative technology are:
    Inspection of the plant or warehouse /inspection of the premises where the system is used /;
    - Testing and configuration of equipment /theoretically/;
    - Installing;
    - Modeling and configuration of the interface from the beginning to the end of the RFID system;
    - Integrated system test;
    - Complete system documentation;
    - Training of the team which will work with the system;
    - Delivery and reception of the system by the customer;
    - Project Management
    Planning is very important if you want to use more, and more diverse applications and if you will track more than one product.

  • Design of water and sewage nets and water purifying stations of towns and villages
  • Design of roads and streets
  • Design of urban environment
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